Top Polypropylene Rug

Polypropylene rugs make up a large portion of our range. Today we discuss what polypropylene is, and it’s features and benefits for use in rugs.

Polypropylene, also known as olefin, is a synthetic, man made fibre. There are a couple of types of polypropylene used in rug manufacturing. The cheapest but also the poorest quality polypropylene material used in rug production is BCF (Bulk Continuous Fibre Polypropylene). At Rugs of Beauty, we do not stock any rugs made with BCF, because we aim to stock only high quality products.

The main type of polypropylene material used in rugs, and the one we stock, is called HSPP (Heat Set Polypropylene). There is also a shiny variant of this known as “Frese” or “Frise” Polypropylene. Both of these types produce good quality, long lasting rugs.

One of the great features to own a set of camping floor mat is that they are able to hold their colour well. A new polypropylene rug can look very similar many years later if regularly vacuumed. It also has a highly desirable appearance, with many plush polypropylene rugs having similar look and feel (soft to touch) to wool.

Another handy feature of heat set polypropylene rugs are their water resistant quality. Polypropylene does not absorb liquids. This makes it easy to clean up any liquid spills on these rugs, which can make them a great choice if you have kids or pets around where the rug will be placed. This quality also makes them a great choice for outdoor rugs. Polypropylene is also resistant to mould and mildew, another positive feature for its use in outdoor areas where the rug may get wet.

Finally these rugs can be quite cost effective for the consumer, especially when compared with materials such as wool and silk. The production cost of a polypropylene rug is much cheaper than many other fibres, which results in a cheaper retail price for the consumer.

If you have a high pile polypropylene rug or grey rug , take note of the following: if you place a high pile polypropylene rug in a high traffic area, it is best to rotate it as much as possible to ensure even wear all over the rug, as these rugs will not tolerate high traffic as well as other materials. This is not so much of an issue for low pile polypropylene rugs, where the pile has less of an ability to be flattened over time by foot traffic.

Please see below for some examples of our polypropylene rugs, and see the link below for a full list of our polypropylene rugs.

All You Need to Make Camping Feel Homey Indeed

If there’s something I hate from the bottom of my heart, it would be a half-finished job, or something done only for the sake of saying it’s been done. Like owning a camper van and saying you’ve been camping a countless number of times, when all you’ve ever really done is just hop in the van and drive to a beautiful site, make a barbecue for the day and drive back home. Or maybe you’ve gone a little bit beyond your comfort zone and spent the night under a tent, while all the little rocks and the sticks on the ground made your sleep everything but comfortable. No wonder you’ve come back home all tired, nervous, with a severe back pain and a question troubling your mind: is camping suppose to be that painfully hard? That’s not camping, my friend.

What camping is all about

A common misconception is that camping is a tough experience that requires a lot of energy, physical endurance and a lot of patience and all that is because you’d be in a forest, or on a camping site far from conditions for a normal lifestyle. What nobody wants to accept is that camping has nothing to do with the space you’d be positioned to camp on, but it has more to do with how well you’ve organized your trip and whether you know what exactly you need to bring to recreate the homey feeling that would make your experience recreational.

Take off your shoes

The thing about going camping that most people can’t work with, is needing to wear their shoes – all the time. You’re outside, and walking around bare foot isn’t exactly convenient for a number of reasons.

One way to solve this problem is to get camping floor mat – purposes specifically made for, which differ largely from an ordinary mat giving you no reason to worry about damage, dirt or having to spend a day after to clean it. These are generally multi-layered mats, mainly designed to keep dirt, mud and everything associated from entering your van, tent or RV. You can also pack it and take it with you if you want to have a picnic somewhere far from your camping site. As a basic convenience that allows you to take your shoes off, with ground mats camping gets another dimension, like you’re walking at home: barefoot.

Stop worrying about the quality of sleep

Where you position your tent matters a lot. It’s good if you have a soft, grassy surface to position it so that you find it comfortable for sitting and sleeping. But, it’s the ground, and there’s no way you can find a surface that’s just perfect for positioning a tent on it. There will always be small rocks, sticks, or grass you don’t want to damage, or ants, or anything. This would interfere with the quality of sleep and from this point on, you’d have a very, very bad camping experience. A ground mat can be the solution to this problem as well – there are types which you can use to place the tent on so that you get high quality underfoot comfort.

Finally, when you’re well rested and get the basic feeling of freedom while not being at home, you can easily get the rest of the stuff in order. Food, the fire, lighting and camping cookware are all the rest of the things you need to take care of in order to have a comfortable and real camping experience.

What’s the Best Mattress For Scoliosis?

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, but that’s a lot easier said than done when you’re suffering from scoliosis. Although some scoliosis patients don’t notice their condition too much at night, many others experience pain and discomfort that can make it difficult to doze off.

A mattress can’t cure your scoliosis, but you may be able to ease some of your discomfort by choosing the right mattress to sleep on

Choosing a scoliosis-friendly mattress

When you have an abnormally curved spine, it’s incredibly important to choose a mattress that gives your back the support it needs. This is so you can distribute your weight evenly, which should relieve the pressure on your twisted spine.

With this in mind, we would recommend investing in a good medium-to-firm mattress that doesn’t give too much when you lie on it.

If you’re finding that your mattress is too firm for your liking, you can always use a mattress topper for added comfort. You’ll want to pick a topper that is around 2 to 3 inches thick; any thicker and you start to lose the benefit the firm mattress provides.

Other factors to consider

We recently shared some tips for sleeping with scoliosis, and in that blog post, we explained how pillows and sleep positions can affect your quality of sleep (both positively and negatively). Once you’ve found the right mattress for your condition, you will hopefully see a big improvement in your ability to sleep throughout the night – however, if you are still struggling, consider these other mitigating factors:

  • Do you have too many pillows? Pillows can elevate your head too much, which can put pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Are you consuming too much caffeine before bed? This can make it difficult to drop off and disrupt your sleep pattern.
  • Try to go to bed at the same time each night. This will teach your body to follow a sleep routine, which has been proven to aid sleep quality.

Where can I find the right mattress for my scoliosis?

There have been plenty of tests conducted to determine which mattresses are most suitable for scoliosis patients. If you’re looking to invest in a mattress that will help with your discomfort, you may find these links helpful now that you know what you are looking for:

Best PainCare Online
best place to buy a mattress –

If you have any questions about your condition – from the best mattress for scoliosis sufferers to how you can begin to treat your curved spine – we at Scoliosis SOS would be more than happy to help. Get in touch with our expert team and book your initial consultation today.

Good Mattress and Sleeping Pattern

A good mattress can make all the difference in your health. After all, great sleep quality and choosing the best mattress is one of the biggest factors when it comes to reducing stress, preventing disease, and increasing your energy levels. If you aren’t comfortable while you sleep, you’ll likely wake up feeling crabby and exhausted.

However, with so many different mattresses on the market, it can be very difficult to choose
one that is a perfect fit for you. That’s why we’ve put together this mattress buyer’s guide, to help you compare the various types of available at every price point, and make the best decision about your new mattress purchase.

New mattress models come out every year from a growing number of retailers and manufacturers. For those who are not familiar with the terminology, materials and sales tactics, we’re often told that buying a mattress can be very confusing. There are many different beds out there and it can be difficult to cut through the marketing and identify the best mattress for your money.

The most popular types currently are innerspring and memory foam mattresses. These are the two types you’ll see most often in the market, whether you shop in stores or online. Memory foam tends to receive higher ratings in customer reviews than their spring-filled counterparts, though innersprings are more commonly available. In terms of pricing, the two categories a fairly similar, making it a matter of personal preference above all.

Could your mattress be keeping you from having quality sleep?

How important is sleep? Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to never sleep, or only sleep a couple hours? I’m sure students would love to be able to absorb information into their brains whilst sleeping before a test or exam. Something that a lot of people are also fascinated with is lucid dreaming, which is being awake and being able to control your dreams. So how important is sleep? Well we do a lot of it, and seem to be very interested in it, so maybe that gives a clue as to how important it is.

I am one of those people that if I don’t sleep enough, it definitely affects my mood, my productivity levels, and how quickly I understand concepts, and not sleeping enough means less than 7 hours. For someone else, the same might happen, but they can handle less sleep than I can, so it might only happen after less than 5 hours sleep. Whatever your threshold is, it’s pretty clear that we need sleep to function properly, but why?

Sleep is more than energy regeneration, it’s necessary for the brain to have time to store and process memories, for cells to heal, regrow and regenerate. Without sleep, the body literally cannot function. Sleep is, in many ways, an unknown mystery to science. We know what happens if we don’t sleep, but we don’t exactly know what happens during sleep or why we can reenergise only with food, but need to have sleep as well. Animals also sleep, but they have different sleep cycles, from nocturnal animals to those that hibernate. Hibernation is a good indication of how powerfully sleep gives energy, as those animals that do hibernate don’t really eat the whole winter long. It is interesting to note that people who struggle with depression will often turn to sleep as an escape, sleeping a large amount of the time. Sleep is almost a legitimate excuse to stay in bed and not face other problems. On the other hand, depression is sometimes a side effect to insomnia. Clearly sleep heavily affects our emotional state, whether it’s the getting or the losing of it.

If sleep is so important, are you getting the sleep you need? Your sleeping surface can severely impact your sleep. Everyone has a different preference for what works for them, and that also changes over time. If you are sleeping on something that feels uncomfortable, your sleep will be restless and not as deep as it should be for you to get enough rest. Just as we need quality oxygen to feel our best, we need quality sleep too. Sleep can have a huge impact on your job, your relationships, and your motional wellbeing.

Some people like a foam feel. If you want your bed to be stable, not bouncy, and firmer, you might be a foam person. Foam beds are good for a couple that don’t want to disturb each other during the night, guest beds that will last long, and children’s beds that can’t be jumped on or damaged. There are also different foam feels. Memory foam has a sinking in feeling that some people love and others find disturbing. It’s quite soft. On the other hand, there is latex, which is bouncier and firmer than memory foam. It’s a totally different feeling to memory foam. Other foams are chip foams and other differing densities of foam. These all have a resilient feel.

Is Memory Foam Good For You?

Is Memory Foam Bio-Friendly? Every person has a different set of needs and thus needs a different type of mattress. Some people find memory foam mattresses to be uncomfortable while other people swear by it, saying it improves their quality of sleep.

When looking for a good mattress, it’s important to research and compare all the options, from spring mattresses to natural memory foam. If you’re considering getting a memory foam mattress, here are some health benefits you might gain from it.

Pressure Point Relief

Some people think that firm mattresses, such as spring-bed mattresses, provide ample support that helps you sleep better.

While that might be the case for some, the firmness of the springs actually places a lot of pressure onto your body which can be problematic if you are prone to waking up with aches.

Because memory foam contorts according to your body weight pressure and heat, it reliefs a lot of tension from your pressure points, making it less likely to cause aches.

Better Back and Spine Alignment

Our backs and spine have a natural curvature to them when in a neutral position that is often straightened out when sleeping on firmer mattresses.

Because memory foam molds itself to your body shape, it keeps this natural curve and provides better support and reduce muscle and lower back pain.

Accommodates Different Positions

Do you tend to sleep on your back or prefer to sleep on your side? A person’s sleeping position is often an important consideration to account for when buying a mattress, as it dictates what type of pillow or mattress they should buy to support their heads and spine.

With memory foam, the mattress changes and molds itself to accommodate any sleeping position, which can be particularly useful if you’re a restless sleeper and change positions often in your sleep.

No matter how you sleep, memory foam reliefs pressure on the body and evenly distributes your weight.

Absorbs Motion

Moving in your sleep can cause your mattress to rock if you’re sleeping on a firm mattress, like a spring mattress. This can be a problem if you share a bed with someone, as your movement will ripple and might cause them to wake up.

The elastic nature of memory foam, however, makes these mattresses great shock absorbers, isolating the movement to a certain area. You can roll around and even get out of bed without the other person noticing a thing.

Low Maintenance

Memory foam mattresses are easy maintenance. Not only are they lighter compared to bulky spring mattresses, they only need to be rotated a few times per year and lightly vacuumed. You also don’t need to worry about springs wearing out or look for any dents in the bed.

What Mattress Type Should I Buy

Selecting the appropriate mattress for healthy living is really tough work. Our body shape can be maintained by the proper mattress and if you use an improper mattress, you will invite back pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain. You also use the mattress for a particular time because access of use it also can be harmful to your body. Nowadays a various variety of the mattress can be seen in the market and you just need to choose the best one that will give you excellent comfort level. Mattresses are so expensive and it is just like long term investments so don’t buy it in hurry. There are many types of mattress which are describing below read carefully because you will surely get benefit from that.

Foam mattress












Generally this type of mattress is used by such people who have back pain because it will help to relieve pressure on their back. Foam mattress is made with different layers and it follows your body shape within minutes. The top one layer is soft and it gets harder in down layers. This mattress is getting more popular because of its upper softness. It also helps you in relieving the pressure because it builds up with pressure points. You can avoid the tensions and stress of the body parts by the pressure points. It gives a supreme support to the body so that you can get a good sleep in the night. Foam mattress is also known as a visco-elastic mattress. You can also improve blood circulation as well as maintain your body structure with a perfect foam mattress.

Spring mattress

It is so comfortable that’s why mostly people go for this mattress. Those people who are suffering from the backaches definitely buy such type of mattress so that they can get relax when they sleep. As like every mattress it made up with different layers in which the top and bottom layer are soft. If we talk about the durability them it is the best because it is a long lasting investment. The main thing is that it is supported by coil springs and also insulation pads. It gives you a comfort level which you can’t get from others. If you don’t know how it is different with a memory foam mattress, read article.

Air mattress














This type of mattress is specially designed and the main purpose of this is providing a comfort to the body. You can get an option of latex or foam in such type of mattress. Another special thing is that you can easily adjust its firmness according to your requirement. It will give you a comfort of extreme level but it can hammock which is the disadvantage of this. When it happens you will feel uncomfortable while sleeping. Air mattress is very helpful to give pressure on the body that is the main reason of using it in hospitals and health clinics. It gives a light and floating feeling to the sleeper by displacing and absorbing the weight. When it came to the market the price of it is so high so it is difficult to buy for everyone. If we talk about at present, you can buy it easily because companies reduced its price.


Folding Mattress













This is a special mattress type, it’s called tri-fold mattress because you can fold it up to 1/3 its size when you don’t need it. This is a perfect choice for dorm room, guest room, camping, or kids’ playroom. It’s available on almost every size from single to king.

Water mattress

As the other mattress it also reduces the pain from the body. There is water inside in the mattress which will give you extra benefits of heat but on the other side, it is also a disadvantage. It gives you the comfort zone like an air mattress. When you move on the mattress water will disturb you and be the reason of wake up from a deep sleep. As we all know it contains water and if a puncture in the mattress, it will totally mess the room. Such type of mattress made up with real water.

Latex mattress

Such mattress is made of polymer with a tough feel. A latex mattress is very durable and it also conforms to the body. The best thing by which it gets popularity is its durability and you can use it for a long time. When you sleep on this mattress you can easily change the position and it gives superior support to neck and back. It gives you a superb comfort while sleeping and you can get a better sleep and be charged for the morning.

Pocket spring mattress

With the use of fabric pocket that is wrapped with smaller and lighter spring. The work of each spring is different and they all work independently. All springs are so adjustable which will give more comfort. According to the shape of the body, it adjusts automatically so that it can give your body proper support and comfort.

Always choose that mattress that can fulfill your all desire and also suits your pocket. Quality and comfort hold a great position in the selection of the mattress.

Coil Mattress vs Foam Mattress

The different function of coil mattresses, also known as innerspring or spring mattresses, versus that of memory foam mattresses involves a difference in construction that leads to a difference in how the mattress interacts with the individual using the mattress

Support Method

Coil, or spring, mattresses rely on springs to support the sleeper. These springs push against the individual with equal force. This results in inadequate weight distribution and thus pressure points that produce such problems as aches, joint pain, and even poor blood circulation. Inner foam mattresses, however, in conforming to the sleeper’s body provide a more even weight distribution that reduces pressure points as described at the Searchwarp and Myessentia websites.

Temperature Sensitivity

Memory foam mattresses typically exhibit temperature sensitivity, allowing them to become more supple and to more fully adapt to the occupant’s body configuration as body heat warms the mattress as described at the Searchwarp and Myessentia websites. Coil mattresses do not exhibit such temperature sensitivity on their own; although some models involving a combination of an innerspring foundation with a memory foam topper do exhibit this characteristic.


Both innerspring and memory foam mattresses have varying firmness depending on the precise brand and model, with innerspring mattresses deriving relative firmness by way of coil diameter: larger diameter coils provide a firmer-feeling mattress.


Both types mattress have potential drawbacks for the purchaser to consider in making a choice among different mattresses. The drawbacks for memory foam mattresses include relative costliness, that some foams take longer than others to conform and recover to body contours, and in the case of models made with poor quality foam the potential for an unpleasant smell in new mattress models. For innerspring mattresses, the drawbacks include that they begin to sag within two years, that they do not distribute body weight evenly, that they have no provision for spinal alignment, and that warranties typically limit body impression to 1.5 inches which tends to occur within the first six months of use.

What are pressure points?

If you’ve any spent a significant amount of time in bed, perhaps while sick and not able to get up, you would know what why it’s so important to have a soft mattress that supports your pressure points: your elbows and hips got sore and stiff! On the other hand, you may have had a bed that’s too soft, and woken up with lower back pain, and felt uncomfortable, tossing and turning. Whichever one it was, the importance of having a mattress that supports your efficiently without making your hips, shoulders, knees and heels sore, may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not with The Mattress Warehouse. Each person has a level of firmness or softness that they find most comfortable to sleep on, but a mattress should have a few requirements that are incorporated into every mattress, namely, they should cushion your pressure points, support your lower back by allowing your hips to sink in, and do both of those without breaking the bank: that is, fit within in your budget.

The pressure points

When sleeping, especially during REM sleep when all muscles go completely slack (or should for you to get your rest), your body has all its weight resting against the mattress underneath you, you’re not supporting yourself – or at least it should be like that for a proper night’s sleep. Your body weight presses against certain areas of your body that take most of your weight due to their placement. This differs slightly between men and women, as women have their weight centred around their hips, whereas men are more top heavy and have their weight centred on their shoulders. However, man or woman, if you’re sleeping on your stomach this would be your elbows, hips, and knees having the most pressure placed on them. On your back, it’s the back of your hips, shoulders and heels, and on your side it’s the sides of your hips, shoulders and your knees which take the strain.

No matter what position you prefer to sleep in, the bulk of your weight is carried by your hips or shoulders, which press into your mattress. If your sleeping surface is too firm or your mattress unable to support your pressure points, you will sleep badly and have to hold your body in tension to support yourself. This is where the importance of a mattress that suits your body becomes clear. A mattress will be comfortable when it supports your sleeping style and makes you so comfortable you don’t feel the need to toss and turn to avoid lying on a pressure point too long. It will also press up around your pressure points to support the areas not pressing so heavily against the mattress, keeping your pressure points from sinking too heavily into your mattress, misaligning your spine, causing back pain, and causing stiffness on those points. Memory foam is especially well known for this ability, but pocket coils, latex, and other foams and coils do it too, as long as the mattress is good quality.