Is Memory Foam Bio-Friendly? Every person has a different set of needs and thus needs a different type of mattress. Some people find memory foam mattresses to be uncomfortable while other people swear by it, saying it improves their quality of sleep.

When looking for a good mattress, it’s important to research and compare all the options, from spring mattresses to natural memory foam. If you’re considering getting a memory foam mattress, here are some health benefits you might gain from it.

Pressure Point Relief

Some people think that firm mattresses, such as spring-bed mattresses, provide ample support that helps you sleep better.

While that might be the case for some, the firmness of the springs actually places a lot of pressure onto your body which can be problematic if you are prone to waking up with aches.

Because memory foam contorts according to your body weight pressure and heat, it reliefs a lot of tension from your pressure points, making it less likely to cause aches.

Better Back and Spine Alignment

Our backs and spine have a natural curvature to them when in a neutral position that is often straightened out when sleeping on firmer mattresses.

Because memory foam molds itself to your body shape, it keeps this natural curve and provides better support and reduce muscle and lower back pain.

Accommodates Different Positions

Do you tend to sleep on your back or prefer to sleep on your side? A person’s sleeping position is often an important consideration to account for when buying a mattress, as it dictates what type of pillow or mattress they should buy to support their heads and spine.

With memory foam, the mattress changes and molds itself to accommodate any sleeping position, which can be particularly useful if you’re a restless sleeper and change positions often in your sleep.

No matter how you sleep, memory foam reliefs pressure on the body and evenly distributes your weight.

Absorbs Motion

Moving in your sleep can cause your mattress to rock if you’re sleeping on a firm mattress, like a spring mattress. This can be a problem if you share a bed with someone, as your movement will ripple and might cause them to wake up.

The elastic nature of memory foam, however, makes these mattresses great shock absorbers, isolating the movement to a certain area. You can roll around and even get out of bed without the other person noticing a thing.

Low Maintenance

Memory foam mattresses are easy maintenance. Not only are they lighter compared to bulky spring mattresses, they only need to be rotated a few times per year and lightly vacuumed. You also don’t need to worry about springs wearing out or look for any dents in the bed.

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Last Modified: October 27, 2018