If you’ve any spent a significant amount of time in bed, perhaps while sick and not able to get up, you would know what why it’s so important to have a soft mattress that supports your pressure points: your elbows and hips got sore and stiff! On the other hand, you may have had a bed that’s too soft, and woken up with lower back pain, and felt uncomfortable, tossing and turning. Whichever one it was, the importance of having a mattress that supports your efficiently without making your hips, shoulders, knees and heels sore, may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not with The Mattress Warehouse. Each person has a level of firmness or softness that they find most comfortable to sleep on, but a mattress should have a few requirements that are incorporated into every mattress, namely, they should cushion your pressure points, support your lower back by allowing your hips to sink in, and do both of those without breaking the bank: that is, fit within in your budget.

The pressure points

When sleeping, especially during REM sleep when all muscles go completely slack (or should for you to get your rest), your body has all its weight resting against the mattress underneath you, you’re not supporting yourself – or at least it should be like that for a proper night’s sleep. Your body weight presses against certain areas of your body that take most of your weight due to their placement. This differs slightly between men and women, as women have their weight centred around their hips, whereas men are more top heavy and have their weight centred on their shoulders. However, man or woman, if you’re sleeping on your stomach this would be your elbows, hips, and knees having the most pressure placed on them. On your back, it’s the back of your hips, shoulders and heels, and on your side it’s the sides of your hips, shoulders and your knees which take the strain.

No matter what position you prefer to sleep in, the bulk of your weight is carried by your hips or shoulders, which press into your mattress. If your sleeping surface is too firm or your mattress unable to support your pressure points, you will sleep badly and have to hold your body in tension to support yourself. This is where the importance of a mattress that suits your body becomes clear. A mattress will be comfortable when it supports your sleeping style and makes you so comfortable you don’t feel the need to toss and turn to avoid lying on a pressure point too long. It will also press up around your pressure points to support the areas not pressing so heavily against the mattress, keeping your pressure points from sinking too heavily into your mattress, misaligning your spine, causing back pain, and causing stiffness on those points. Memory foam is especially well known for this ability, but pocket coils, latex, and other foams and coils do it too, as long as the mattress is good quality.

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Last Modified: October 27, 2018