Selecting the appropriate mattress for healthy living is really tough work. Our body shape can be maintained by the proper mattress and if you use an improper mattress, you will invite back pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain. You also use the mattress for a particular time because access of use it also can be harmful to your body. Nowadays a various variety of the mattress can be seen in the market and you just need to choose the best one that will give you excellent comfort level. Mattresses are so expensive and it is just like long term investments so don’t buy it in hurry. There are many types of mattress which are describing below read carefully because you will surely get benefit from that.

Foam mattress












Generally this type of mattress is used by such people who have back pain because it will help to relieve pressure on their back. Foam mattress is made with different layers and it follows your body shape within minutes. The top one layer is soft and it gets harder in down layers. This mattress is getting more popular because of its upper softness. It also helps you in relieving the pressure because it builds up with pressure points. You can avoid the tensions and stress of the body parts by the pressure points. It gives a supreme support to the body so that you can get a good sleep in the night. Foam mattress is also known as a visco-elastic mattress. You can also improve blood circulation as well as maintain your body structure with a perfect foam mattress.

Spring mattress

It is so comfortable that’s why mostly people go for this mattress. Those people who are suffering from the backaches definitely buy such type of mattress so that they can get relax when they sleep. As like every mattress it made up with different layers in which the top and bottom layer are soft. If we talk about the durability them it is the best because it is a long lasting investment. The main thing is that it is supported by coil springs and also insulation pads. It gives you a comfort level which you can’t get from others. If you don’t know how it is different with a memory foam mattress, read article.

Air mattress














This type of mattress is specially designed and the main purpose of this is providing a comfort to the body. You can get an option of latex or foam in such type of mattress. Another special thing is that you can easily adjust its firmness according to your requirement. It will give you a comfort of extreme level but it can hammock which is the disadvantage of this. When it happens you will feel uncomfortable while sleeping. Air mattress is very helpful to give pressure on the body that is the main reason of using it in hospitals and health clinics. It gives a light and floating feeling to the sleeper by displacing and absorbing the weight. When it came to the market the price of it is so high so it is difficult to buy for everyone. If we talk about at present, you can buy it easily because companies reduced its price.


Folding Mattress













This is a special mattress type, it’s called tri-fold mattress because you can fold it up to 1/3 its size when you don’t need it. This is a perfect choice for dorm room, guest room, camping, or kids’ playroom. It’s available on almost every size from single to king.

Water mattress

As the other mattress it also reduces the pain from the body. There is water inside in the mattress which will give you extra benefits of heat but on the other side, it is also a disadvantage. It gives you the comfort zone like an air mattress. When you move on the mattress water will disturb you and be the reason of wake up from a deep sleep. As we all know it contains water and if a puncture in the mattress, it will totally mess the room. Such type of mattress made up with real water.

Latex mattress

Such mattress is made of polymer with a tough feel. A latex mattress is very durable and it also conforms to the body. The best thing by which it gets popularity is its durability and you can use it for a long time. When you sleep on this mattress you can easily change the position and it gives superior support to neck and back. It gives you a superb comfort while sleeping and you can get a better sleep and be charged for the morning.

Pocket spring mattress

With the use of fabric pocket that is wrapped with smaller and lighter spring. The work of each spring is different and they all work independently. All springs are so adjustable which will give more comfort. According to the shape of the body, it adjusts automatically so that it can give your body proper support and comfort.

Always choose that mattress that can fulfill your all desire and also suits your pocket. Quality and comfort hold a great position in the selection of the mattress.

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Last Modified: October 27, 2018